Shaolin kung fu certification

процесс получения сертификата в школе кунг-фу в китае

Traditional Shaolin kung fu was historically not had stages, levels, grades and any certificates and diplomas, artificially marking skill of the student.

The kung fu fighter never competed with those with whom studied together. He always tried to be above themselves yesterday and compared their achievements only with what he had learned in hour, day, year.

But after Wushu has received recognition widely for outside of the Shaolin temple, and began to practice athletes around the world, originated the need to define the gradation and determine technical degree possession of Wushu.

Certification of coaches

All the Chinese Wushu Association has developed a system of examination for sports technical class (dwangwa) and discharges (JI). The rules of the exam and the list of demands sent to each future trainer possessed the necessary level of technology and knowledge for learning.

Certification exams conducted by the Wushu Federation of Russia and their results are assigned to a category. Certification in Russia is carried out by specializations with mandatory indication of the directions:

  • Coach sports Wushu-taolu;
  • Coach of Taiji;
  • Coach of traditional wushu;
  • Coach of Sanda, Sanda-sanshou;
  • Coach of Qigong;
  • Coach of Taiji tuishou;
  • Coach shuaijiao.

After obtaining the basic certificate of the trainer of the 2nd category, a teacher must confirm the level and conduct practical exercises on their specialization.

Certificates kung fu school of master Shi Yanchen

Information about the certification of trainers was given to draw your attention to the fact that the certificate which you receive after your course at the school of Shaolin kung fu, has no legal power to allow you to coaching in your Country.

School of master Shi Yanchen — officially recognized traditional training center Shaolin kung fu in China. The school teaches equipment, combat ethics, and follows the family rules and traditional teachings of the monastery.

Certificate course in Chinese language personal stamp of the master is, rather, a confirmation of your true level possessions of kung fu. Proof of how far you have walked, how tempered your the spirit and the body like beat me.

Proponents of martial arts will be able to assess the importance and value of this document, and for you it will be a motivation to overcoming self-doubt, fears, and hesitation in difficult life situations.

The certificate that you will receive here if successful the course, recognised by Association of Chinese martial arts. But for work instructor you will need to confirm it in Russia, having passed the examination at technical level.

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